International Projects

United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) more

March 2017 - Dec 2018 - Africa - Nairobi. International Organisation Development Ltd (IOD PARC).

Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development. Implementation of the Multilateral Organisation Performance Assessment Network (MOPAN): Global assessment of multilateral agencies lead HQ-level studies.

Conduct two, two day workshops for building capacity of selected DCS and TRC Staff involved in ICT Data Collection and Analysis more

May 2017 - Sri Lanka - Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sir Lanka (ICTA).

Conduct monitoring and evaluation training for program staff of information and communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka.

Mar Oct 2017 - P5 Countries - UNDP & UNICEF Case Studies.

Team Leader, Senior Evaluator. Review of National Evaluation Systems and Capacities for Evaluating Progress Towards the Sustainable Development Goals. - Country Case Studies.

Dec 2016-Feb 2017 - UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

Team Leader - review of partnerships with donors.

Participatory Irrigation Development Program. Change Management/Institutional Development Specialist for rationalisation plan of national agency for sustainable irrigation services including both national and community based irrigation. Six monthly superv more

July - Oct 2016 (intermittent) - UN Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR).

Trainer - Complexity and systems thinking for the SDGs - for senior government officials, Parliamentarians and civil society across Asia.

July 2015- June 2016 - (Intermittent) - African Development Bank (AfDB).

Design of Theory of Change and Case Study Methodology for Study of Value Chains in Africa in preparation for implementation of the Feed Africa Strategy.

April - June 2016 - Kenya, Africa - Nairobi. International Organisation Development Ltd (IOD PARC).

Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development. Implementation of the Multilateral Organisation Performance Assessment Network (MOPAN): Global assessment of multilateral agencies lead HQ-level studies.

Dec 2015 - Jun 2016 - Philippines. Catholic Relief Services.

Sustainable impact study of five Agro-enterprise development projects in the Philippines.

Scoping mission for design of Rapid Employment Project II including land use planning for informal settlements, environmental management and small infrastructure development. more

Feb - November 2015 - Philippines. World Bank/Food and Agriculture Organisation.

Technical Agricultural specialist/Value Chain Development specialist for several design missions for the Inclusive Partnerships for Agricultural Competitiveness (IPAC) project.

September - November 2015 - FAO/IFAD/IOCE/EVALSDGs.

Engaged in speaking at seminars and conferences related to the Sustainable Development goals (SDGs) and the follow-up and review processes for the SDGs. Appointed as Co-Chair of EVALSDGs.

Country Program Evaluation of IFAD funded operations in Turkey, Enterprise and Value Chains Specialist. more

Feb-15 Philippines. World Bank/Food and Agriculture Organisation.

Technical Agricultural specialist/Value Chain Development specialist for pre-appraisal mission of the Inclusive Partnerships for Agricultural Competitiveness (IPAC) project.

Review of Social Accountability and Governance Risks for the Solomon Islands Rapid Employment Project. more

October - Dec 2014 Bangladesh. United Nations (IFAD) Country Program Evaluation.

Enterprise development, access to markets and value chains development specialist evaluating ten projects over the last ten years.

Mar 2011 - Nov 2014 Philippines. World Bank/Food and Agriculture Organisation - Participatory Irrigation Development Program.

Change Management/Institutional Development Specialist for rationalisation plan for sustainability of national agency for sustainable irrigation services including both national and community based schemes. Six monthly supervision and technical assistance

Team leader for regional assessment of ADB performance across nine countries in the Pacific region through development coordination offices. more

Feb 2014 - July 2014 Papua New Guinea. World Bank- Port Moresby

Team Leader for mid term review of the Urban Youth Employment Project (UYEP). Innovative project to address youth unemployment and disadvantage in Port Moresby.

Regional assessment of ADB TA performance in response to 2008 Technical Assistance Policy Amendments. Field review of TA in Tonga, Fiji, China, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and the Philippines. more

Jun - Oct 2013 Zambia. International Fund for Agriculture Development

Evaluation Specialist for national Country Programme Evaluation of IFAD funded operations in Zambia. Technical focus on sustainability of value chain interventions.

Jun - Dec 2013 Bhutan. International Fund for Agriculture Development

Evaluation Specialist for national programme evaluation of IFAD funded operations in Bhutan. Technical focus on the Agriculture, Marketing and Enterprise Promotion Programme.

Nov 2011 - Mar 2012 Special Study of Food Security in Asia.

Asian Development Bank (ADB). Review of the global food price crises and their impact on the poor in Asia. Assessment of ADB current strategic alignment with food security initiatives in relation to performance of sustainable agriculture investments.

Aug - Dec 2011 Philippines. Northern Mindanao Community Initiatives and Resource Management Project Evaluation.

International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) supported project in community-based watershed development and with a focus on Indigenous People's initiatives for land management, eco-tourism and education.

Mar - June 2011 Global Synthesis of Supervision IFAD

Evaluation of programme and project supervision methodologies and practice since launch of the IFAD Supervision Policy in 2005.

1994 - Apr 2011 Philippines. Technical Assistance Specialist

for the Supervision of the World Bank Philippines Agrarian Reform Communities Development Projects (ARCDP and ARCDP II and additional financing) with on-going six-monthly missions from 1994 to present. Involved technical review and guidance on community d

Jan - Apr 2011 Ghana. Country Programme Evaluation.

Evaluation of rural enterprise, value chain development and local development initiatives for seven projects nationwide, plus additional grants and policy initiatives in preparation for new Ghana Country Programme for IFAD.

Jul - Dec 2010 Ghana. Rural Enterprises Project.

Evaluation of investment potential for national SME programme in Ghana financed by the African Development Bank and IFAD.

May - Jun 2010 China. Country Program Review.

Rural Credit Specialist for the Evaluation of the IFAD China Operations from 1999-2010 as an input to the new Country Strategy for 2010 - 2015.

Jan - May 2010 Global Gender Assessment.

Evaluation of the IFAD approach to gender equity and mainstreaming and Gender Action Framework. Involved a desk review of 78 projects over 52 countries and field visits to selected sites.

Jan-Nov 2009 Corporate Evaluation: Innovation.

Evaluation of the IFAD Policy and Guidelines for Innovation and its capacity to promote replicable innovations. Included assessment of IFAD Corporate strategies, 21 Country Programme Strategies and 70 project designs across 46 countries. Field visit to in

2008 - 2009 Evaluation Capacity Development for Country Partners.

Case Study Paper and involvement in corporate strategy for IFAD Office of Evaluation to build evaluation capacity in member countries using a regional model of training, mentoring and skills building initiatives for government senior officials worldwide.

2008 China. Project Evaluation.

Evaluation of 7 year IFAD project in southern China covering water management, rural credit, provincial infrastructure, institutional and governance support.

2008 (April) IFAD Evaluation Committee Review.

Technical support to IFAD Executive Board Evaluation Committee to review the Philippines CHARM project (see below) evaluation, country strategy issues and programme strategy considerations.

2006 - 2007 Philippines. World Bank Team leader

for Project Implementation Completion research study of the World Bank Community Based Resource Management covering institutional development, infrastructure and livelihood initiatives based on a community-driven development approach.

2007 Belize. Team Leader

for evaluation of Community Agriculture and Rural Development Project of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and IFAD, including public facilities, access infrastructure, social, sustainable agriculture and microfinance development, particularly targetin

2006 - 2007 Pakistan, China, Zambia, Philippines

(also involving comparative desk reviews for Egypt, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh) Corporate evaluation team member for a Field Presence Pilot Project of IFAD: based on a three year pilot programme, examining the feasibility of establishing national off

2003 - 2007 Philippines. Technical Assistance Specialist

for the two Japanese Grant Programs for landless and Indigenous Peoples, supervised by the World Bank. The projects piloted new approaches for sustainable livelihoods, eco-tourism, sustainable agriculture and social inclusion in poverty reduction processe

2006 Cordilleras Autonomous Region. Team leader

for IFAD/ ADB) Highland Agriculture and Resource Management (CHARM) interim assessment which progressed watershed management with sustainable agriculture sector development for ethnic minorities.

2005 - 2006 South East Asia.

Cross Country evaluation of the poverty status and livelihood investments in strategic regional and rural development for IFAD. The research covered 8 countries, 15 major investment projects and 8 regional research projects.

2005 Philippines. Agrarian Reform and Social Development Specialist

with Asian Development Bank and Southeast Asian Regional Centre for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture for the Agrarian Reform Communities Project II (ARCP II) to reduce poverty among 15 poorest provinces. Responsible for institutional arrangement

2003 - 2006 Philippines. Staff Consultant

with World Bank on assignment with Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao Social Fund Social Infrastructure and Community Development Fund for World Bank Re-Construction and Rehabilitation in post-conflict Mindanao. Troubleshooting on institutional arrangem

2005 Indonesia. Australian Aid Indonesia-Australia Change Management Specialist.

One of team of three technical specialists to design a module for the Indonesia-Australia Agreement to incorporate good governance, change management and gender awareness into all training programs.

2004 - 2005 Zambia, Sudan And Armenia.

Corporate review of IFAD project supervision modalities with focus on Africa and Mid & Eastern Europe. The Review covered 30 projects in 20 countries to assess how supervision modalities contribute to effectiveness, efficiency and relevance of the project

2004 Philippines. Training Consultant and Lead Facilitator.

Executive Training for the National Commission on Indigenous People (NCIP) of the Philippines. Design and lead facilitator of AUSAID/TAFE Global executive training programme for the NCIP for four months.

2003 – 2004 Indonesia. Institutional/Decentralisation Specialist

for IFAD Country Strategy Programme Evaluation including design and facilitation of project and participant self-assessment processes as a partnership input to the evaluation. Included involvement in global pilot and symposium on a new participatory evalu

2002 - 2003 Nepal. IFAD. Micro-enterprise development consultant

for Preparation Mission for North and North Western Nepal. Integrated project with strong emphasis on social justice and strategies for community inclusion. Also designed to alleviate the rise of insurgence in the area.

July – Aug 2002 Philippines. Micro-enterprise specialist

for IFAD/ADB-funded Philippines Micro-enterprise Finance Project evaluation mission. This evaluation acted as a pilot (one of ten globally) for IFAD's new participatory evaluation process.

1997 - 1998 Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Government/World Bank/German Government.

Study on under-employment of marginal farmers in the non-plantation agricultural sector. Acting as international advisor for study design, implementation and analysis.

1997 Philippines. Philippines Government/ International Fund for Agricultural Development, Western & Northern Mindanao Economic Development Projects.

Two three-year projects. Training specialist in inception and formulation missions working with rebel returnee groups and resettlement of communities affected by the conflict in Western Mindanao, and indigenous communities in Northern Mindanao.

1996 Indonesia. Indonesian Government/International Fund for Agricultural Development, Indonesia.

Small enterprise, micro-credit and employment development program. Acted as small enterprise development consultant for national expansion program.

1996 Philippines. Philippines Government/Asian Development Bank/ International Fund for Agricultural Development, Microfinance Project, Philippines.

A joint project focusing on Grameen Bank Replication through the Peoples Finance and Credit Corporation. Acted as small enterprise and microcredit specialist in identification and appraisal missions.

1996 Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Government/CARE International/United Nations, Sri Lanka.

Micro-enterprise program for refugees. Acted as Team Leader and Technical Consultant for several projects in program design, evaluation and policy input in resettlement and re-establishment of local communities in conflict areas throughout both the Singha

1995 Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Government/Asian Development Bank.

Team leader for economic rehabilitation in areas affected by civil unrest. Included four months field research on impact evaluation of the first phase of the program and design of the second phase.

1992 - 1995 USAID, CARE International, UNHCR and IFAD.

Short term work on various participatory community development, governance, small-medium business, rehabilitation, agricultural development and micro-credit programs in the Asia Region. Also c small-scale research and evaluations for these agencies, linke