SDF Global - Where we are located

The SDF office location allows us to manage our resource use, protect the local environment and also minimize the amount of travel for the type of work we do, both in Australia and overseas.

Our office is located approximately one hour from the Perth CBD and just over one hour from the Perth International airport. Being in the far west of Australia, the office is in direct alignment with most countries in Asia, only 3 hours from Indonesia and 10 hours flight from S. Africa.

The office is with easy to access for visitors and ample free parking is available. We are 5 minutes from the City of Mandurah railway station and 5 minutes from the main north-south highway link in Western Australia.

The SDF Global office demonstrates our commitment to sustainability. The office is situated on the boundary of a Ramsar-listed wetland system and overlooks the Goegerup Lake. The property operates partially on solar power and on rainwater catchment. Rare red-tailed black cockatoos feed in the trees surrounding the office, black swans visit the lake (see photos), brilliant blue fairy wrens and other Australian bush wildlife can be seen around the office on a daily basis.

92 Aclare Road
WA 6209