June 2017 - Sri Lanka - Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sir Lanka (ICTA).

The Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) is a national Government institution responsible for formulating policies and implementing projects towards digital development of Sri Lanka's public sector service delivery and economy. With an aim of fully leveraging the benefit of digital technologies in every sector of the country, ICTA commenced implementation of 'Digitizing the Economy Strategy' in 2016. This focuses on rapidly developing the nation's digital infrastructure and connectivity, transformation of the government service delivery process and empowering citizens to effectively gain the benefits of digitization, irrespective of geographical and economic disparities.

SDF Global acted as the Monitoring and Evaluation Expert for the program. Three training workshops of two days each were designed and delivered by SDF Global. Two were targeted to ICTA management and operational staff. The third workshop was designed for staff of the Sri Lanka Telecommunications Regulatory Commission, and Department of Census and Statistics, two of the key partner organisations involved in the nation's digitization process. The workshops focused on capacity building towards monitoring and evaluation of progress towards implementing 'Digitizing the Economy'. Each workshop was designed to suit the particular target audience, and all were designed to be highly participatory and practical. Data were collected on participant learning outcomes and evaluation reports were produced detailing the outcomes of each workshop.

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