June-August 2015 - Turkey. IFAD International Fund for Agriculture Development.

IFAD is a specialized agency of the United Nations developed to finance agricultural development projects, primarily for food production in the developing countries.

SDF Global was part of a team who undertook a Country Program Evaluation of IFAD funded operations in Turkey in 2015. The evaluation investigated portfolio results and impacts achieved over four projects implemented over a 10 year period. SDF Global's role in the evaluation was as an Enterprise and Value Chains Specialist, and assessing the performance of the program in relation to gender and youth. The in-country evaluation mission included meetings with representatives of government, project management, implementing agencies, NGOs, and community-based organisations. Visits to IFAD-supported projects sites in various parts of the country were also conducted. Evaluation findings and recommendations were developed that then served as inputs for the future directions of the IFAD-Government cooperation in Turkey.

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