Dec 2012- Mar 2014 Pacific. Asian Development Bank. Thematic Evaluation of Technical Assistance (TA) Investments.

Technical Assistance (TA) is one of the Asian Development Bank's (ADB) main operational instruments for supporting development initiatives in its member countries. TA is increasingly being used to support capacity development and knowledge solutions as developing member country needs evolve.

SDF Global conducted a thematic evaluation study for the Asian Development Bank's Independent Evaluation Department, which examined the strategic relevance and role of TA. The study provided an assessment of ADB TA performance in response to 2008 Technical Assistance Policy Amendments. The thematic evaluation included a study of roles and TA management in other international financial institutions, a desk review and analysis of TA portfolio, interviews with Asian Development Bank management and staff, case studies of sample countries involving interviews and focus group discussions with stakeholders. Case studies including field visits were conducted in six countries: Tonga, Fiji, China, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and the Philippines.

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