City of Rockingham Seniors Strategy consultation

SDF has worked with several Local Government Authorities to engage with Seniors in their communities to inform Active Ageing and Seniors' Strategies. Each of these involved a series of resident surveys and service provider surveys, focus group discussions, stakeholder engagement processes and strategic plan development in line with the World Health Organisation Age-Friendly Cities Guidelines For example in 2006 SDF conducted a series of community-based research projects across the five different local governments of the Peel region, which formed the Positive Ageing in the Peel Region study. The results of the Positive Ageing in the Peel Study were published and have been used by the Local Government Authorities to assist in planning and securing funding for aged care facilities, instrumental in regional planning for age care facilities, as well as organisational changes to better meet the needs of seniors such as creation of a seniors' department within one of the LGAs. An excerpt of the Positive Ageing in the Peel Region study can be found in the City of Mandurah Active Ageing Plan 2013- 2017:

In 2008 SDF conducted an extensive Age-Friendly Cities Consultation in the City of Rockingham which informed preparation of the City's Active Ageing Strategy. The consultation included workshops with a total of 218 community attendees, 271 survey responses, and 40 one on one interviews with key stakeholders and staff. The City of Rockingham Active Ageing Strategy can be found via the following link:

In 2016, a follow up consultation in the City of Rockingham was completed which included stakeholder meetings and workshops as well as surveys. This consultation was completed in order to inform the City of Rockingham's Seniors Strategy 2017-2021.

SDF also conducted consultations based on the WHO Framework to inform Age-Friendly initiatives in the Shires of Augusta Margaret River (2009) and Irwin (2016).

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